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Virginia Health Insurance Plan Basics

When looking for health insurance in Virginia, a licensed health insurance agent can help you sort through the many options, and you can also comparison shop online for coverage and costs by selecting several (at least three) insurers to compare premiums and plans.

Virginia insurers take a number of factors into consideration when determining the cost of a policy, including your age, gender, your current health, your personal habits (i.e., smoking and drinking alcohol) as well as the medical care costs and risk factors where you live.

When choosing the best Virginia health insurance for you and your family, remember to choose coverage that fits the unique needs of those covered under the policy, including access to the medical facilities and doctors you prefer and the benefits that you need and can afford.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that makes you ineligible for a private Virginia health insurance plan, you can apply for coverage through the Virginia Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan.

The right provider should offer you sound advice on your various health plan options. We recommend that you speak to at least 1 licensed health insurance agent who is knowledgeable about your situation, and who is able to present you with a comprehensive set of options.

The right plan for you:

If you are shopping online for health insurance, you might be comparing different plan options provided by multiple health insurance carriers. Most people will choose a plan based on the following factors: Price, Deductible, Co-Insurance, Ratings, Provider Network and Company. The biggest challenges we hear from health insurance consumers are (a) Understanding the total costs (premiums plus out-of-pocket expenses), and (b) Balancing cost with flexibility. If you have questions, we recommend speaking to a licensed health insurance agent who will take the time to understand your situation.

For more information on how to choose, U.S. government’s Health & Human Services guide to “Choosing a Health Plan”. is committed to helping consumers choose the right Health Insurance provider and ultimately the right Health Plan. We have a proprietary rating system to help you determine the quality of providers. The Editor Rating is based on 5 measurements of quality described in detail below:

  1. Popularity Among Consumers: The Popularity Rating is based on the choices of over 15MM consumers that services every year. We measure consumer´s propensity to interact with providers and determine their popularity based on these interactions.

  2. Consumer Satisfaction: We survey our consumers on a quarterly basis. This rating is based on the previous survey´s result of the consumer´s satisfaction with the provider.

  3. Size of Carrier:We use recent enrollment numbers to gauge the provider´s reach and popularity.

  4. Type of Provider:We think it´s important you know what type of provider you are working with. Carriers and large brokers generally receive a higher rating than smaller brokers and other types of quote providers.

  5. Provider´s Online Quoting Capabilities:We know that being able to see quotes and check out with a plan online can save you time.
    We´ve created this special rating to help determine whether a provider has an easy to use online system or not.